Forms and Resources

Application forms can be downloaded below:

  • Individual application forms will be completed in the majority of cases. Download your Individual Let Application Form here...
  • The Guarantor application form is required when your tenant has insufficient income (and you know a guarantor is needed from the start of the referencing process), a poor risk score, or is in temporary employment. Download the combined Guarantor Let Application Form here...
  • Company Let application form - used when renting your properties to companies. Download the Company Let Application Form here...


Other forms which you and your business will find useful:

Click here to see a sample final 'Comprehensive' report This will illustrate the depth of the data takes into account when assessing your prospective tenants. This report, coupled with the Interpreting my report document will assist you when discussing the contents with your landlords.

Online processing is a faster, more efficient service, but if your applicant is applying on a paper-based form, it is always useful to provide your prospective tenant with the attached how to complete my application form. This guide will provide assistance and advice regarding the mandatory information required, in order to process the applicant's references speedily.

Attached to the guide is a Data Protection Consent document, which applicants give to their employers to authorise the release of personal data.

We know you will find the documents above very useful...

Image of a Tenancy Agreement with a set of keys.

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