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What We Do

What does do for YOU?

  • We establish the financial ability of prospective tenants.
  • We provide an in-depth financial report instantly.
  • We generate a predictive risk score.
  • We uncover adverse, undisclosed and withheld information at all addresses linked to your applicant.
  • We issue you with a detailed report, which includes our recommendation as to wherther you should offer a tenancy or not.
  • We conduct employers and landlords references.
  • We provide a clear, concise decision with all the data and information checked by our referencing experts.
  • We provide a fast, reliable, trustworthy and comprehensive service.

How do achieve this?

We partner with one of the most comprehensive online referencing platforms in the market place, hosted and supported by industry leaders, AST Check. provides you with the peace of mind a landlord needs when renting out their most-prized asset(s) - be it their own home or a portfolio of investment property. works hand in hand with one of the UK's top credit reference agencies to ensure that the information your tenant provides is vetted by as many data sources as we are permitted to access. We check that:

  1. They are who they say they are...
  2. They live where they say they live...
  3. We look at those undisclosed addresses where hidden derogatory information can sometimes lurk... and
  4. We check the tenant's financial stability from employment and previous landlord experiences.


So who is Click here for our credentials ...

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